The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health

The Covid-19 pandemic has reminded us all just how inter-connected and interdependent we all are globally. It has shown us both how easily diseases can spread but also how important international collaboration in research and development and the sharing of knowledge are in dealing with threats. The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health is concerned with issues that affect the health of us all globally - from education and staffing to mental health and global partnerships. It also takes a keen interest in the UK's role in health globally and the continuing development of the UK as a global centre for health and health science. The APPG publishes reports on topics of interest and holds regular public meetings. It works with other APPGs wherever possible. Its recent reports on the Triple Impact of Nursing and the UK's contribution to health globally have been particularly influential. The nursing report led directly to the establishment of the Nursing Now campaign, 2020 being designated as the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, and Nursing Now groups being established in 126 countries around the world. Everyone is welcome to join our mailing list.