War in Ukraine: Health and Humanitarian Support - Briefing for Parliamentarians and Civil Society

Ukraine and Humanitarian Support

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is having terrible consequences for the health and mental wellbeing of the Ukrainian people.

The Ukrainian health and mental health system is facing exceptional pressures. Demand has grown exponentially, both related to direct war inflicted injuries from attacks in densely populated areas, as well as ongoing care needs for chronic conditions, in particular in care homes and institutions. At the same time, the destruction of key health infrastructure is making care provision difficult to impossible, displacement and trauma of many health workers, and shortage and delivery problems of essential basic and specialist supplies. All this is happening in the heel of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic when the health system and workforce is already stretched.

This event, co-hosted with the international foundation “Human Rights in Mental Health-FGIP”, brings together colleagues, experts and care providers from the Ukraine and other parts of the world including those who had to flee the country as a result of the war.  

The meeting will outline the health and humanitarian impact, particularly as related to mental health, and brief parliamentarians, civil society and interested stakeholders on the current situation in Ukraine from the perspective of those impacted and those seeking to provide care in the most challenging circumstances.

Date and Time: Wednesday 30 March, 3 – 4pm (DST, UK Time)

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